Exercise at the SIUC Cancer Rehabilitation Laboratory (SIUC-CRL)

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  • The SIUC-CRL is an exercise testing/training facility located in Davies Hall (aka Davies Gym) on the SIU Carbondale campus that offers free exercise testing and training for cancer survivors & caregivers at any time point in their cancer journey (both in and out of treatment).  
  • No prior exercise experience is necessary.
  • The SIUC-CRL offers a private setting for exercise and a flexible schedule (exercise session times are available 7 AM – 7 PM, M-F) 
  • This SIUC-CRL has a rolling enrollment – you can join anytime. 
  • Each participant is assigned a staff member who develops and then supervises an individualized exercise program based on the participant’s initial fitness status (including physical assessment data pertaining to the performance of functional tasks), medical history, and personal goals.
  • Exercise sessions typically include a combination of aerobic, balance, resistance (strength), and flexibility exercise training; however, this combination varies based on the individual participant’s needs.
  • Participants typically exercise twice per week (~1 hour per session), but can choose to have one or three sessions per week if they wish. 
  • Each participant progresses at their own pace and the exercise program is designed to address needs specific to each individual.
  • Once the participant has exercised for an initial 12 week period, they graduate to the Survivors Forever component of the program where they can continue their free CRL participation as long as they desire, as long as they are accompanied by a staff member.
  • During the exercise sessions, staff members make a concerted effort to insure that the participants learn proper exercise principles and techniques so that they are equipped to be independent exercisers if they should choose to end their program participation and exercise on their own.
  • Unlike the class at John A. Logan, the SIUC-CRL does not offer a formalized nutrition component; however, basic nutrition advice is available for those who inquire.

Call 618-536-2431 or email panton@siu.edu to get started.