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Fund your passion for Strong Survivors with a gift to our Strong Survivors SalukiFunder. SalukiFunder is a crowdfunding platform that helps SIU students, faculty, and staff raise money so their programs can make a bigger impact on campus, in the community, and globally.

First Fundraiser

New Treadmills FundraiserNew Treadmills: Recently we raised $5100 for new treadmills for the SIUC Cancer Rehab Lab for assessments and exercise sessions. The new treadmills are up and running and will benefit community members who are cancer survivors and caregivers as well as current SIU students. The cancer survivors and caregivers now have the opportunity to exercise on a safe, comfortable and state of the art treadmill, while students are better able to assess and evaluate the exercise programs and the participants' cardiovascular capacity.

We'll be doing another fundraiser very soon - more details to come!