Survivors Forever

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  • Anyone who has participated in any Strong Survivors component for an initial 12 weeks can move on to participate for free in the Survivors Forever component (see the “How to Access the Program for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers” section for information on how to get started initially).
  • Participants who have completed 12 week of exercise at the SIUC-CRL can continue exercise sessions for as long as they like. There is the possibility that they may be assigned to a new staff member as members of the staff graduate and move on to their professional careers.
  • Participants who have completed the 12 week class at John A. Logan College are welcome to come back and participate again during any future class sessions and use the pool. Individuals can participate in any way they wish – nutrition/physical activity lectures only, exercise sessions only, or both – whatever works best for them.
  • Participants are asked to agree and adhere to 2 rules (in addition to the Logan Aerobics and Weight Training Center rules):
    1. Develop their own exercise routines using the training received when they participated in the class previously. The staff can certainly give feedback and answer questions, but we typically don’t have the staffing to write programs for returning participants as well as the first time participants. (In some circumstances we are able to assign staff members to Survivors Forever, but this possibility is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis and you will be contacted if this possibility arises.)
    2. Allow our staff to be able to give the appropriate amount of attention to the first time participants. If two people have a question and one of them is a “first timer”, the staff will be obliged to answer the first timer’s question first.
      1. We want to insure that the first timers get the same opportunities that the returning participants did when they took the class.
      2. Whenever possible, we will have a staff member dedicated to the Survivors Forever who are exercising
  • Participants who have completed the 12 week class at John A. Logan College also are no longer limited to the Tues/Thurs class session times and are able to access the Logan Aerobics and Weight Training Center whenever it is open. This provides greater schedule flexibility for participants who desire it.
    • Note that the Strong Survivors staff will only be at Logan during the Tues/Thurs afternoon/evening time frames.
  • Regardless of where they are exercising (Logan or CRL), Survivors Forever who have a staff member assigned to them are asked to participate in a fitness assessment every 6 months.