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SIU Strong Survivor doing a plank

Working on Core Strength

Strong Survivors participant gets hands-on coaching by a staff member as she works to improve her core strength.

SIU Strong Survivor doing bicep curls

Building the Upper Body 

Strong Survivors participant works to build her arm strength with bicep curls, under the watchful eye of a staff member.

SIU Strong Survivor doing crunches on a fit ball

Working On Balance

A Strong Survivors participant performs crunches on a fit ball to increase her abdominal strength/endurance as her Strong Survivors trainer monitors her exercise technique.

Successful Program Helps Cancer Survivors And Caregivers

The Strong Survivors Exercise and Nutrition Program for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers utilizes exercise as a therapeutic tool to help cancer survivors and caregivers get through the treatment and recovery process.  Exercise programs are individualized for each participant and are based on medical and fitness histories, initial fitness assessment results, and quality of life goals. All programs are created and administered by SIU student staff members who have completed the Strong Survivors Staff Training Class (KIN 402 syllabus). The free program is co-sponsored by the SIU Department of Kinesiology and the SIH Cancer Institute, and occurs primarily at John A. Logan College and the SIUC Cancer Rehabilitation Laboratory.

How it works

How Strong Survivors works

How it got started

How it was started

Our trainers

Josh Podzielinski Kylie Giebelhausen

Hands on Assistance

All participants are assigned a staff member who creates and supervises an exercise program based on the individual’s medical/fitness status and personal goals. No prior exercise experience is necessary and participants proceed at their own pace.

Grow Stronger

Our program is designed to improve survivor and caregiver physical fitness, but also improves emotional and psycho-social health. We work on strengthening the entire person.