Student Involvement

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Student involvement is an integral part of the success of the Strong Survivors program.

Undergraduate and graduate SIU students (primarily from the Department of Kinesiology) participate in the research data collection and analysis process.

More significantly, they receive practical, hands-on exercise testing/training experience. Students get the opportunity to work with a population of individuals that they would not normally be exposed to at a typical fitness facility. This experience often translates into greater success with graduate school acceptance/success and employment attainment/success

Students are required to complete KIN 402: Exercise Programming for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers (also known as "The Strong Survivors Staff Training Class"). The course meets the first 8 weeks in fall and spring semesters and during the 8-week summer semester.

The primary goal of course is to give students the necessary tools to successfully prescribe safe and effective exercise programs for cancer survivors and caregivers as a staff member for Strong Survivors.


Located at 1075 S. Normal Ave., Davies Hall is home to our Department of Kinesiology. The original campus "women's gym", Davies Hall remains a hub physical and intellectual activity.  Its gymnasium and research/clinical areas are abuzz with theoretical and practical endeavors that continue to illuminate the role of motion in human wellness.